eHaat is an internet enabled rural distribution platform, which aims to provide the vast array of goods and services to the rural population.

eHaat’s network of strategically located depots and village level franchisee operated centers is able to provide the “last-mile” connectivity to the users of eHaat platform.

Established late 2012, eHaat is part of Ujjwal Rural Services, the rural marketing division of Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd.s

Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd., is a Rs 2000 crore business, established 1933, manufacturing sugar, green power, ethanol, alcohol & alcohol based chemicals

Rural consumers lack choices because many brands don’t have distribution capability to profitability reach and service them
eHaat’s unique internet enabled last mile network is able to provide rural consumers the entire array of e-commerce & internet enabled services, thereby giving them more choice and convenience

Many companies lack the necessary insight and expertise to tailor products to the specific demands of the rural consumer

eHaat is ideally suited to assist companies because of its extensive experience operating in the rural landscape, vast network reach and large customer databases
There is lack of access to internet, but even more lack of internet literacy among rural consumers resulting in almost negligible uptake of internet services
eHaat has evolved a “hybrid” model where franchisees and it’s own marketing team are made internet literate and hence able to assist rural consumers take advantage of the internet revolution

   Dhampur’s sugar manufacturing operations provide a deep reach and understanding of the rural market and it’s consumers

   Dhampur has a marketing team with direct relationships with 200,000 farmers across 1,600 villages in Uttar Pradesh

   Dhampur procures and makes direct payment to farmers for sugarcane worth over Rs 1000 crores annually

   Dhampur is a well established, strong and extremely trusted brand in the rural community since 1933

   eHaat platform offers a unique solution to companies to distribute their products & services through a “last mile” network of internet enabled village franchisee centres

   eHaat centres serve both as distribution points for products and services at the village level, but also as points for facilitating access to internet related services

   Dhampur has leveraged its expertise, relationships and existing infrastructure to develop a dynamic internet based eHaat platform for distribution in rural India

Operational over 1000 village franchisee centres across Western UP, Uttrakand & Rajasthan, which covers an area of over 3000 villages
Distributing an increasing range of products and services across agriculture, apparels, energy, consumer durables, FMCG, loyalty cards and finance
Extensively Increasing product categories
Plans to expand to over 3000 village franchisee centres in 2016.

   Marketing & Customer Acquisition – we can accelerate reach and deepen penetration of the rural consumer for partners, thus helping to capture new market opportunities. We can get products and services discovered and understood by a large prospective new customer segment.

   Cash Payments & Financing – we can take care of complete cash payment cycles from rural consumers who have very low use of electronic payment instruments. We also offer innovative cash EMI schemes to increase affordability of our partner products to rural consumers.

   Supply Chain & Logistics- we provide regional fulfillment centre facilities to enable our partners to stock close to customers for faster & more reliable delivery times. We offer lean village level fulfilment services to deliver right up to the last mile.